Belarus Heritage and Family Roots Tours

By certified guide-interpreter Juliana Mikolutskaya
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• We offer individual and group tailored trips to the Jewish shtetls of Belarus.
• We will help you to work out the most suitable schedule for you or your family to your destination point.
• A certified guide (interpreter) will assist you during your stay in Belarus.
• Services:

  • Airport pickups
  • General tips: passing the border control, necessary documents, tips to be like a local when you travel alone, assistance in booking the tickets and choosing the places to go out
  • Professional guiding services
  • We offer you a comfortable brand new sedan car with a driver who will take care of you during the whole trip. A comfortable big bus/minibus/minivan for the groups will be also available upon request.
    • Genealogic research assistance before your arrival.
    Jewish Religious tours:
    • visiting main yeshivot of Belarus – Radun, Mir, Baranovichy, Volozhin
    • visiting graves of famous Tzadikim and spiritual leaders: Hofetz Khaim (Radun), Rabbi Yeruchem Leibowitz (Mir), Abraham Tzvi Kamai (Mir), Aaron Perlin (Pinsk), Tzvi Hirsh Baal Shem Tov (Pinsk), Mordehai Lyakhovicher (Stolin), etc.
    • visiting famous synagogues of Belarus: Grodno Choral synagogue, Mir Shulgoif, Minsk synagogues
    Jewish Cultural tours: we offer you visiting various places connected with Jewish life in Belarus:
    • Minsk Jewish city tour (4 hours, car/guide included)
    • visiting Vitebsk, homeland of Marc Chagall (museum and city tour)
    • visiting Grodno (once the biggest Jewish community center with an ancient synagogue and the cemetery)
    • visiting Haim Soutine museum in Smilovichy
    • visiting Bobruisk (biggest Jewish community center with rich Jewish architectural heritage)
    • your family shtetl tour: transfer to the shtetl, seeing famous Jewish places on the way

Jewish Shoa trips: taking you to the places of mass extermination of Jews during the WW2

  • Camps, ghettoes, holocaust memorial places all over Belarus. Trans border car tours – a possibility to take you to Poland and Lithuania to get acquainted with the nearest Jewish heritage places:
  • Vilnius Jewish city tour (Lithuania)
  • Warsaw Jewish city tour (Poland)