Your WordPress Blog – Is It A Virtual Yardsale. (3)

By the end of this post, you’ll know all the content management tools available to you via WordPress core so you can pick the right WordPress theme, plugins, and/or hire a professional to accomplish your content curation goals via WordPress. For instance, if your short-term goals are perfectly aligned with one CMS, but that same platform is seemingly unable to meet your future requirements, you’re considering the wrong CMS. 1. Install and activate the Duplicator plugin on the WordPress site you’re copying from.

Remember: One thing to keep in mind with this configuration enabled is that there will be some spots in the WordPress code that are executed prior to the log file being set, so depending on how deeply you’re debugging into core files, you may need to watch the apache error log (or other location, as always depending on your php.ini) for some of your messages. WordPress was released May 2003, by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

If it has been a while, you will see a warning on your WordPress plugin page. Install a security plugin – Using a security plugin can help catch and isolate issues before they break your site. This gives you a chance to catch problems before it reaches your live site.

  • Inline form: A form you can embed directly on your site pages
  • Click Activate to make the plugin active
  • Flexible and Easy to Customize
  • Cover Image/ Hero Image

Do you think it’s the right time to introduce your site to the world? It’s also crucial to use a reliable caching plugin like WP Rocket to help speed up your site drastically, while also offsetting the performance costs of the other plugins you have installed. Review the plugin’s code – Check the code of each plugin you use to make sure it’s as clean and lightweight as possible.

1 bad plugin can have a worse performance impact than 25 good ones. Meta descriptions actually don’t have a direct effect on your SEO ranking, how to speed up wordpress site yet Google still advises to create unique ones for each page of your site. He stresses that it is still in the planning phase. Choose an appropriate hosting plan – Like choosing a website host, do your due diligence and pick a hosting plan that’s perfect for your site’s needs.